SyBridge IoT Cloud

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Industry-Leading Platform for Managing Tooling & Manufacturing Data


Our global platform allows users to access their information any time, from anywhere. We guarantee that your tool will never be without its data!

File Storage/Sharing

Turn your USB sticks, CDs, and email attachments into a thing of the past. SyBridge IoT Cloud provides a centralized platform where your whole team can collaborate, upload, and share data.

Real Time Updates

Projects can be updated or modified at anytime allowing your information to stay current and always available to your team.

Maintenance Tracking

Our maintenance database allows users to report issues, log repairs, and track the history for each of your tools. Users can send alert notifications seconds after a problem occurs.

PM Alerts

Eliminate downtime before it even happens. Automated alert schedules can be pre-set to notify team members when scheduled PM’s are due.

Production Tracking

Become an OEE powerhouse. Production & process parameters can be logged and stored in our designated tool setup section. We keep all of the details & notes from the trials readily available with the tool when it arrives in your plant.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of the location of your tools with our GPS tracking capabilities. Know the exact location & condition of your assets, and be notified of any changes as they occur.


We understand how important your tooling data can be to your company. Take pride in knowing that you have control over it. With an encrypted database and full admin control, you have the power to allow and deny access to your files.

Project Timeline Tracking

Track the status & progress of your project’s timeline through our project management scheduler. Notify team members when items are due or alert people when project milestones are met so your program always stays on time.


SyBridge IoT Cloud is simple to setup and easy to use. Make your data available globally within minutes.


Log in or sign up for a new account. Select your project options and enter your program details.


Once your job is ready you can upload your files or edit your projects at any time. SyBridge IoT Cloud is compatible with all file types, sizes, and formats.


Create & customize your storage folders to meet your program-specific needs. Choose to password-protect your sensitive data that only approved users can access.


Simply save your updates once complete and make your data instantly available to the people who need it. Keep your information current and stored in one central location.


The free SyBridge IoT Cloud App allows users to manage tooling data from the palm of their hand. With each SyBridge IoT Cloud project purchased, you will receive an asset tag with a QR code to fasten to your tool. Simply scan the QR code at any time using the SyBridge IoT Cloud App on your mobile device and be able to access your tooling data instantly! Pull up program details, view files, report issues, send alerts, review process instructions, and reference maintenance history without having to leave the tool. The SyBridge IoT Cloud App & QR system guarantees your tool will never be without its data.

About SyBridge IoT

SyBridge IoT Cloud provides customers with cloud-based, digital services offering to efficiently manage products throughout their lifecycles, from design to manufacturing to service and repair. SyBridge will offer end-to-end digital solutions to achieve industry-leading turnaround time and help customers improve quality, throughput, and uptime.

SyBridge IoT Cloud is owned by SyBridge Technologies Inc. based in Southfield, Michigan. SyBridge Technologies builds and integrates tooling and mold companies to create a global technology leader that provides value-added design and production solutions across multiple industry verticals.